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Connecting the Dots to Unlocking the Fretboard

Arpeggios. Tony Rice uses them and you can, too.

In Bluegrass Guitarpeggios, you'll learn how Tony—and other  legendary players—use arpeggios to better navigate the fretboard and add flare to their solos.

“When I first understood the power and potential of arpeggios... a whole new world of visualizing the fretboard opened itself to me. - Eric Beaty

please Take note of the following:

This Course is Intended for Intermediate to Advanced Players

If you've never learned any Bluegrass or soloing techniques before, I highly advise you to check out my first Bluegrass course,

Bluegrass Guitar Essentials, before purchasing this course.

What You Will Get

With Bluegrass Guitarpeggios, you'll be getting a plethora of content to help you hone your Bluegrass solos for use in jam sessions, playing fiddle tunes, or when creating your own music.

Throughout the course, you'll be learning new phrases that integrate wide intervals with the use of arpeggios to help you understand how to navigate the fretboard in ways you've likely never thought of before.

“I've learned more from you in the past month than I have from anyone else in the 20 years I've been playing. ”

Gregory Hurd - Guitarist

Feature 1

Fully Transcribed Tablature of various licks, solos, and exercises, including Guitar Pro files!*

Feature 2

Extensive Fretboard Diagrams for easier visualization of how to play arpeggios like the pros.

Feature 3

High Quality 1080p video with multiple camera angles ensure you get the best learning experience.

in case you didn't know...

What Learning Arpeggios Can Do For You

When I understood the power and potential of using arpeggios not only in my Bluegrass playing but in my guitar playing in general, a whole new world of visualizing the fretboard opened itself to me.

Perhaps the most widely recognized Bluegrass guitarist who uses arpeggios regularly in his playing is the masterful flat-picker Tony RiceUsing his extensive knowledge of Jazz theory, Tony has managed to infuse his legendary Bluegrass style with the use of fluid and interval-spreading arpeggios on songs like

"Don't Think Twice," "Manzanita," "Shenandoah," and countless others.

Bluegrass Guitarpeggios Teaches You How To Do This, Too.

Benefit 1

See how to connect the dots on the fretboard to make your solos more fluid and less predictable.

Benefit 2

Utilize your computer for easy access while on the go, or for viewing the files with Guitar Pro software.*

Benefit 3

Learn from a professional guitarist who has taught thousands of students, for less than the cost of one-on-one lessons.

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Take Your Playing to the Next Level!

Tired of feeling stuck in the same old rut after each jam session or practice session?

Give Bluegrass Guitarpeggios a chance to pull you out!

Now Available on DVD!

HD Videos

For A High-Quality Learning Experience

  • Multiple camera angles
  • Screenshots of important elements
  • See every minute detail in 1080p

Fretboard Neck Diagrams

For the Visual Learner

  • Easy visualize arpeggio shapes
  • Use chord shapes to navigate the fretboard
  • Break out of traditional "box" scale shapes

Guitar Tablature

Arpeggios, Exercises, & Solos

  • Easier memorization with easy-to-follow exercises
  • MP3, PDF, and Guitar Pro 7* files!
  • Over 20 pages of transcribed tablature!

Praise for Eric's Courses and Lessons:

Here are a few words from some of my most satisfied customers

Whether the testimonials be for my many YouTube videos, my various tablature products, or my professional guitar instructional courses, I always enjoy hearing how my style of teaching has improved my students' playing.

It's truly a humbling experience that encourages me each time I hear the good news of yet another struggling student break through their creative blocks.

Your course helped me cinch my recording contract here in Canada, I can't thank you enough; you are a great teacher...bless you sir. I've done the singer songwriter thing semi-professionally for over 20 years but I lacked licks big time... then I started your course (Bluegrass Guitar Essentials) a few years ago. Now I'm much more a compete artist... I recommend your course to everyone who is seeking the next level.

You're giving my audiences a better guitarist!

Tyson Prior

Recording Guitarist / Songwriter

I really like the way you break the licks down in your videos, Eric.
You really have the right approach to teaching.

Joe McShane

Guitarist / Performer

Eric, I'm 57 years old, & have been playing since I was 4.... In my high school days I started playing Bluegrass with some guys in school.

Then in the late 90's, I got heavy into Bluegrass again (along with my 2 sons). I love it, but have never been able to grasp flat-picking. It always seemed so complicated & difficult.

Thanks to your videos & instruction, I'm finally making some headway. You have no idea how excited I am, and how thankful I am for you and your instruction. Just wanted to let you know what a blessing you are.

T. R. Reid

YouTube Student

Eric, I have been playing for over 30 years and only recently did I discover a taste for Bluegrass.

I tried to educate myself on the music theory to no real avail as little of any worth is offered online. Your videos advanced my education on this subject to light speed!

Andrew Victoria


Meet the Author

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Hi, I’m Eric Beaty.

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I've been playing guitar for 30 years now. Since my first video on YouTube back in April of 2006, I've amassed huge audiences clamoring for Bluegrass guitar instructional materials they can't find anywhere else.

That is why, for the last several years, I've branched out into new territories of instruction with professional guitar courses and individual tablature packages.

Bluegrass Guitarpeggios is my second full-length Bluegrass guitar course, and I look forward to creating many more for the masses.

Learn to Connect the Dots and Start Unlocking the Fretboard today!

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*Note: Guitar Pro files require Guitar Pro version 7 or higher.

If you've never used Guitar Pro before, you can

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You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee.

Here's the deal, if for any reason you don't like Bluegrass Guitarpeggios, you can get a full refund anytime within 10 days after purchasing the Streaming or USB versions of the course; or 60 days after purchasing the DVD version (less shipping costs for USB and DVD).

If you have any issues, just get in touch with me and I'll either help you out until you get the results you need or issue a prompt refund.


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