Bluegrass Guitarpeggios - Angeline the Baker tabs teaser

Angeline the Baker – Basic and Intermediate Solos

The newest contribution from my brand new course, Bluegrass Guitarpeggios, is now available: "Angeline the Baker" in both Basic & Intermediate solos!


I'm excited to share with you another video from my latest guitar course, Bluegrass Guitarpeggios! This video comes from the final section of the course.

In this video (which you can also view here if for some reason the player above isn't working), I'll put everything learned in the course so far together for one of two final fiddle tune solos, "Angeline the Baker." (Look for the next fiddle tune to release here on my Bluegrass blog soon.)

Angeline the Baker: Behind the Song

"Angeline the Baker" is considered a Bluegrass standard by many. It's a happy-go-lucky tune that also has lyrics, but is mostly played as a flat-picking instrumental.

In addition, if you're used to playing most fiddle tunes in a G-shape, "Angeline the Baker" will challenge you to explore other areas of the fretboard within the key of D.

Angeline the Baker: Included in the Tab Pack

I've also created a tablature pack that includes the following awesome benefits:

  • Full Transcriptions of both the Basic and Intermediate solos
  • Guitar Pro 7.5 files (.gp)
  • Audio Tracks for the Tab files​​​​

Note: I've tried to transcribe these tabs to best represent my intentions while playing the solo rather than my actual performance of the song. (There were a few hiccups in the actual video solo).

This tab pack includes not one but two fully transcribed solos of my interpretation of "Angeline the Baker," both Basic and Intermediate versions. I've tried including many of the arpeggios I discuss from the course in the song.

As an additional aid to learning, I've also included the Guitar Pro (.gp) files, which work with Guitar Pro 7.5. (If you don't have Guitar Pro, but would like to try it for yourself, click this special link for a free 30-day trial.)

Lastly, I've included the audio for the tab files. I've exported the audio with a metronome since some of the more intermediate parts incorporate a bit of syncopation. This will allow you to get a better grasp on the timing of the solos.

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