More Essential Techniques for Bluegrass Guitar

In addition to all the great Bluegrass guitar techniques you get when you purchase my Bluegrass Guitar Essentials course, here are even more essential techniques!

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Back to the Basics

More Bluegrass Guitar Techniques

The video seen above is one of about 10 videos that I created for my good friend and fellow church brother, Joe, before he sadly passed away several years ago from cancer.  He really enjoyed the way I play guitar and asked me for some lessons, so I decided to create several videos and burn them to DVD so he could watch them on his own time.

After creating them I thought, “Why not release these publicly on YouTube for others who might be absolute beginners and struggling with playing Bluegrass Guitar?”

So that’s exactly what I did.

There are some additional videos from this series seen elsewhere on this website.  For the remaining videos, you can go to my YouTube Channel and search for the numbers 01, 02, 03, etc. through 10 since these videos are labeled numerically followed by the actual name of the topics covered in the videos.

A Little At A Time

Joe was a complete beginner when it comes to flatpicking and lead Bluegrass guitar playing, so I knew it was best to create these videos in short chunks that he could practice with minimal time involved.  While the videos are mainly for beginners, I included just enough intermediate/advanced concepts and techniques to push Joe out of his comfort zone and encourage him to try playing these various Bluegrass guitar techniques and not be afraid to “color outside the lines.”

These videos average around 10 min. in length and are perfect for learning to play Bluegrass guitar if you have limited time to dedicate during your busy schedule.  Also, they’re a great introduction to Bluegrass Guitar in general and will give you a taste of what playing Bluegrass guitar is like.

Little Did I Know…

When I first released the videos on YouTube I was only trying to share with everyone else the ideas that Joe inspired me to create.  Little did I know that one of those videos would be so popular that it would become the all time #1 video on my channel and would receive over 70,000 views (and still growing)!

It’s thanks to Joe and people like him—you included, dear reader—who give me the inspiration to create the content and video lessons that help people all across the world via YouTube and my websites.

So please watch the video above and be sure to leave your comments below for others to read and benefit from.  Also, please take a moment and share this article on your favorite social network (share buttons below).  It’s nearly impossible for me to reach everyone with these invaluable resources without your help.

Until next time,

Best Wishes and Keep Practicing,

Eric Beaty