Here you will find testimonials from other guitarists who have benefitted from my instruction.


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Tyson Prior

Eric man, I’m very excited about the things to come.  It’s almost insane the amount I am learning from you, and I’ve been touring as a guitarist for years.  Could never really get anywhere with flatpicking until I started with your lessons.  Seriously grateful to have you to learn from. Been a guitar man since I could walk.  You have made these licks possible.

I knew I had the feel the dexterity and the passion; just couldn’t grab it til you made me.  As a writer, this is a crazy valuable tool just because of how much more expressive my playing can be in all genres.  Once you nail “Blackberry Blossom”, “Sultans of Swing” seems fairly elementary.  Thank you so much from Canada, Eric.

You’re giving my audiences a better guitarist!

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Joe McShane

I really like the way you break the licks down in your videos, Eric.  You really have the right approach teaching.

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Andrew Victoria

Eric , I have been playing for over 30 years and only recently did I discover a taste for Bluegrass. Jazz trained and a rock/metal player for most of my life, the tonality of Bluegrass escaped me for months.

I tried to educate myself on the music theory to no real avail as little of any worth is offered online. Your videos advanced my education on this subject to light speed!

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